24 things

#1 Jesus came to save me, He is the reason I have the dreams that I do. I’m trying to actively pursue them, and therefore Him.

#2 As of September 28, 2014 – I am married to my best friend, greatest encourager, & strongest supporter – Jonathan Kuhn. We were married in New York and are making our way through our first years as a married couple in Ohio.

#3 Our little one, Lana Elizabeth Kuhn, was born October 16th, 2015 & I love being a mom.

#4 I think the Myers Briggs Personality Test is very interesting; I am an introvert & an INFJ: they’re “the Protectors.” Only 1 percent of the population are INFJ’s , what??

#5 I heart candles. In college, my husband and I were friends with a married couple who always had candles lit in their apartment and we agreed we loved the ambiance. Now, we’ve started buying and lighting our own candles in the evenings – mmmm, perfection, especially in the fall.

#6 I love to write. My degree is in English and ever since my first grade journal, I’ve been hooked on the act and release of writing.

#7 Most of my communication through body language comes from my eyes; when I asked my husband, “what are some interesting facts about me?” – that’s what I got. I guess it’s true. I’ve been called crazy eyes more than once.

#8 My husband and I both love TV shows. We are pretty simple to entertain and sitting to binge watch a show isn’t out of the question for us. And I really like watching full seasons, otherwise I feel like I’m missing something, so these series’ I’ve finished (if they’re over) or are in the process of finishing:

Gilmore Girls, 7th Heaven, Lost, Smallville, Roswell, Switched at Birth, Greek, One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, Parks & Rec, Arrow, Gotham, Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., New Girl, Friday Night Lights, Beauty & the Beast, Parenthood

#9 I am addicted to Chapstick. Enough said.

#10 My drink of choice is usually milk; I have the strongest bones on earth.

#11 I haven’t traveled out of the country much, but have been to: Canada to visit my grandparents, the Dominican Republic on vacation with my aunt and uncle, and Mexico on my honeymoon. I hope to visit India, Greece, & Spain.

#12 I really love kids; I enjoyed teaching first grade when I graduated college, I am passionate about kids ministry, I actually used to beg my youth leaders to babysit their kids, I spend my summers at camps, we had 6 kids in our wedding, and if there’s a newborn anywhere near me and I even remotely know the parents – chances are I’m already halfway over asking to hold them.

#13 Usually, my favorite color is blue. Although, I am started to gravitate toward red. Being a brunette, I always wanted to stray far away from the stereotypical red, but dang, it’s drawing me in.

#14 I named my camera Nicholas when I first bought it almost 6 years ago; my step-sister came up with it for me & it stuck.

#15 Fall is my favorite season, November is my favorite month, & Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

#16 I was born in Maine, grew up in New York and lived there until the end of summer 2014 when I moved to Ohio to be with my fiancé (now, husband). And that is where I can currently be found.

#17 Smallville is my husband and my favorite show; that’s actually how we first connected when we met in college. We proceeded to watch the entire series from start to finish.

#18 I do not like tea or coffee but REALLY want to. My friend, Brittany, and I agree you look cooler and more put together with a coffee mug or tea cup in your hand. Sadly, we don’t like either. Hot chocolate, however, DELICIOUS. Add that to fall, candles, spending time with my husband watching one of our favorite shows – I’m a happy girl.

#19 I have a younger brother, younger sister, & 4 step siblings, we like each other most of the time.

#20 I went to college at SUNY Cortland for 4 years and wouldn’t have changed it for anything. It was on that campus I met my husband and closest friends, finished an English degree, started a Christian group, was an RA for 3 years, had ample opportunities to practice my photography with my friends willing to model as a Saturday activity, & learned the most about myself.

#21 Speaking of friends, this crew is pretty cool.

#22 I love ministry. I have been involved in kids ministry, youth groups, summer camps, college ministry, young adult ministry, administrative aspects of it all – and I love it.

#23 Creating lists makes me happy. I’ve been known to add things to my list after I’ve completed them just so I can cross something off. Such a satisfying feeling.

#24 We have an Australian Shepherd, his name is Caspian!