Our Family | Year 2

Haaaaappy weekend!

I finally got around to editing some of our photos from the photo swap we did with the Walnes last week (see their photos here!).  PS, I finally understand the stress of dressing for family photos! Here’s a little peek into the 3 of us right now (Caspian doesn’t listen well enough to come on such outings ;) ) –

Despite the fact Lana doesn’t look thrilled in many of these photos, she has been the sweetest happiest baby lately and, really, since we brought her home. We are so thankful for the joy she has and brings to every room she enters. Jon + I took a few months (ummmm, more than a few) to get our groove as parents, but he has been the biggest support and encouragement I could ask for. And now we’re here… .it doesn’t seem real.

We started out as friends in college in 2010 and now in 2016, it’s been a little over 2 years of marriage. We have a one-year-old babe, two-year-old puppy, good friends, an awesome school to invest ourselves in through teaching + coaching,.. ..we live in Ohio and travel to visit family or friends every month (in a VAN – amazing blessing), he is living a dream job that he didn’t know was possible + I was able to start a photography business. Had you suggested any of this to us in 2010, I probably wouldn’t have believed you. He would have.

He would say to me, “I’m going to marry you” to which I would respond, “you think.. .”

“No, I know.”

He goes with the flow to balance my structure. He makes me laugh to break me down when I’m upset. He keeps calm when I’m pulling my hair out. How Jon and I work, I have no idea, nor does it work every day (truuuuust me). What I do know is that without the patience of my husband or my organization, without us splitting our least favorite chores, without the give and take, without talking about plans, without taking time to laugh + watch our favorite shows, without eating cereal for dinner at least once a week – we probably couldn’t function.

We don’t have the most romantic story, but we have a story that winds in and out, up and down and brings us to this life. A life living dreams + jobs we love, working through marriage between an extrovert + introvert, balancing what we need to do + what we want to do, and loving our baby + puppy as much as we possibly can. We are blessed. God has brought so much beauty from our story and I can’t imagine not trusting Him with our life.

There’s my spiel. Happy anniversary to JKAMP (yes, Jasmine), happy 1st birthday to Lana, happy almost 2nd birthday to Caspian, and happy 2nd anniversary to us living in Ohio.

Photos by: Kelsey Walne Photography :)

Edited by me (I don’t have her beautiful film look down yet!)

If the goal is to make those lovely test shots as awkward as possible… .I succeeded. 

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