the Brinkman family | Cozy In Home Lifestyle Session

Everyone talked about this elusive “ideal client.” Branding and business experts say sit down and figure out who you want to talk to – on your website, through your work, and in the words you publish. I’ve been itching for some in-home lifestyle sessions and only a few weeks after I launched my new site, Amanda sent me a message.

When I arrived at the Brinkman’s BEAUTIFUL home, I was warmly welcomed and introduced to each family member. CT + Amanda spend their days balancing work (Amanda is a massage therapist at Arlington Massage – referred by my beautiful massage therapist friend, Melinda) and time with their babies. I say babies because I can tell they’ll always look at Miles + Sophia that way. CT has a tender and playful way with the kids and can always be found with Miles at the hip. Amanda loves to watch her family just exist – she sat back and looked on as CT chased Miles, Sophia practiced her gymnastics (LOOK at how flexible she is!), and everyone was themselves.

I’m sure the smile never left my face as we drifted from their sunny kitchen, to the sunroom, to the treed backyard, and to the front for driveway bubbles – snuggling in close, playing with reckless abandon, comforting the occasional tear,  and highlighting each member of this incredible family.

If you’ve been wondering what I mean by in-home lifestyle session – here it is. You and your family in your element where mom + dad are relaxed, kiddos can be themselves, and there is no stress.

Happy Weekend, everyone. Meet the Brinkmans.

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