I have a photojournalistic style – natural, bright, and authentic. My favorite is catching the in between moments.. .the r e a l laugh, the p l a y f u l smirk, the t e n d e r embrace. I want to capture you. You’ll see through the process that I like to get to know my clients because it gives me the opportunity to understand you – your story, your smile, your flair, your interactions. If a process sounds daunting, maybe I’m not the right fit for you. And that’s okay because I’m looking for clients who are the right fit for me.


Real people.

People who are embarking on a journey – college, home-ownership, parenthood, married life together. I look for clients I can relate to. People in love, people who are joyful, raw, deep, simple, complex, this and that, not just one thing. I want that to come through in photos, whatever that may be.

You’ll see I don’t heavily alter images, I won’t identically recreate your Pinterest board, I won’t tell you to say “cheese.” I’ll try to make you as comfortable with me as possible, I’ll try to make you laugh, I’ll give you suggestions to make you feel at ease, but I’m there to photograph you in your natural rhythm.

Photographers, entrepreneurs in general, put so much of themselves into their business because it becomes deeply personal. The things I write on my blog, the tidbits I share about myself, the process of creating images is personal. I want you to know me, know what to expect, and know that you can be truly yourself by the time we meet.

So, that’s me. Let’s chat!

F O L L O W   M E